Autumn Term          2020

Our regular timetable has been replaced for at least the first half of the term. It's still great, just a little trimmed down.

Please also take a look at the list of other temporary operational changes put in place to help keep our students safe.

Term Time Monday Classes

Sept 21st & 28th,

Oct 5th, 12th & 19th

The later start gives everyone a chance to settle back into school after the long break, and build a bit of stamina before adding an evening activity into the mix.

5pm   EYFS / KS1 Drama

5.30 - 6.30pm   KS2 Drama

6.30 - 7.30pm   11+ Drama

(HYT is aware and are happy for members to arrive a minute or two late when HYT restarts)

The cost for the half term will be:

EYFS / KS1   £13.50

KS2 & 11+    £20.25

If there is demand, we may be able to run a
Grade 1 Dance class at 7.30-8pm.
Please let Katrina know if you are interested.
This class is suitable for those aged 9+ and with limited dance training.

        Temporary Rules for Monday evenings ...

  • Parents will not be allowed to wait in the building.

  • Hands will be sanitised regularly

  • The whole half-term's fees must be paid in advance.

  • Children will enter through the front door and exit via the fire escape to avoid congestion at the front of the building

  • There will be no group singing.

  • Maximum number of children per group: 10

  • Children must change from their school clothes into an entirely new set of clean clothes. The classes will start a little later to accommodate this.

Please note:
Until we can sing together again, we will not be running the Saturday Musical Theatre lessons. We hope restrictions will be lifted soon and will be ready when they do. We will revisit this at half-term. 

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